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  • Universal Multimedia Player: Streams HD quality video or audio files directly into a meeting through separate video tile. Produces much better quality and higher resolution images compared to desktop sharing.
  • Meeting Privacy: Lock a room to hide the identity of meeting participants from other community members and screen incoming participants through  door-knocking and permission-granting feature.
  • App Tabs: Brings web based business process apps to meetings. Users can pre-assign browser-based business apps to particular rooms in line with the work they do in that team room. App Tabs ensure that collaboration vibes around business insight.
  • Voice Integration: Make and take calls in visual meetings, merge calls into existing meetings, and carry calls with you as you hop from meeting to meeting. Also works with standard SIP-based phone systems from any vendor.





MIVNET since 1994


 Free (1) hour virtual meetings with Guest Accounts


MIVNET is a growing network of technology partners, resellers and distributors who are dedicated to reselling products and solutions while combining MIVNET resources and strategies to grow their respective meeting businesses. The MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe collaboration solution is included with all MIVNET advertising accounts.


The MIVNET Marketplace provider directory is free to the public and funded by advertisers.  MIVNET is always seeking to grow our network of technology partners who are interested in re-selling award-winning products and services that facilitate private, secure, productive business class revenue generating online meeting solutions.


With our subscriber base our partner community is an integral part of a team that enables MIVNET to meet the ever-changing needs our clients. Register your business with MIVNET and watch your meeting business grow.



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"We have been a member of this network for years. They never disappoint!"

Kirk McCracken

CEO - Litigation Support Services


MIVNET is an outstanding resource for videoconferencing. The MIVNET team is always willing and available to do what needs to be done to facilitate a smooth experience. Would highly recommend joining this service

Barbara Salvucci

Operations - Virtual Contact / Danella Realty


Setup multi-party video meetings and depositions with your account scheduler. Choose from room configurations such as roundtable or plenary


A revenue generating B2B and B2C marketing program


Share exhibits, documents, images, and video media


Designed for conference centers & small business......



Integrated h.323 gateway, video, phone, recording, chat, screen share..


Transform meeting space into marketable real estate.
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Latest Public Rooms added

Worley Reporting a Depospan Partner

Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Accurate Video Services, Inc. c/o OPUS

Boca Raton, Florida USA

Limitless Video Productions

Columbus, Ohio USA

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MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe 3.13 General Availability

Vibe New Features

  • Vibe Web Launch has Desktop Client application detection and automatic download when joining a meeting from a web page.
  • H.323 Welcome landing page for legacy H.323 devices
  • DTMF while making H.323 outbound call

Don't forget the Telephone

Have you ever wished you brought a speakerphone to your videoconference meeting or deposition? MIVNET has the solution.

New Enhanced Video Capabilities for MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe


The new capabilities are awesome and available now. Start your free trial. Much more than your ordinary web conferencing application.  It is a community-based team collaboration platform for business. See what you can do.


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