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Automated Cloud Based Video Conferencing Meeting Room Creator. Create, Invite and Connect to a video meeting or webinar from any IP h.323, Windows, MAC, Android, iOS or LINUX device. Search available business class meeting rooms using the MIVNET directory

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Multi-user screen sharing
View and share multiple desktops at once. MIVNET Connect technology empowers hundreds of people to communicate simultaneously via HD video and provides unlimited collaborative video services for highly interactive meetings such as depositions, interviews, town meetings.


Dynamic personalized displays.

Stand out from the crowd! Use customized display features to suit your dynamic preferences. A robust video presentation with a unique user interface for every attendee. View and share multiple desktops at once. No freezes. No buffering. No lagging.


Expert security

Our cybersecurity experts are constantly working to ensure a fully protected MIVNET connection enviroment. Multiple points of presence in secure data centers ensure redundancy and less congested pathways for your video transport.


Free customer support
Our support team is quick, fully trained and always happy to help, so you can focus on your meeting.


A Videoconference Marketplace

Public Room Videoconference Directory. Search and compare Business Class public room conference centers offering B2b and B2C services and pricing direct from the source. Pay no third party fees or commissions. Browse and compare locations from all over the world.


Easily find locations with Earth Search©

It’s never been easier to pick the meeting space that’s right for you. This friendly geo-positioning feature is a window to the world. Just one click. No boundaries!

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Delivering inquiries to owners worldwide since 1994

  • Public meeting room advertisers pay no commissions or broker fees
  • Top ranking on industry-leading search engines, like Google
  • FREE photo galleries and the option to display unlimited number of conference rooms with individual descriptions
  • Exclusive access to the MIVNET Connect collaboration suite
  • Try it. Connect to a test room from your h.323 IP device. Simply dial: gw.mivnet.com##74152394342380 or depending upon your h.323 ip system 74152394342380@gw.mivnet.com
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Satisfied Customers

They really enjoyed using MIVNET Connect©

My firm required a V/C connection between our office in Portland, Maine, and Paris, France. I was vacationing several time zones away, and contacted Mivnet to assist in setting this up. It was handled expeditiously and professionally.


The video conference this morning went off without a hitch.

Thanks for your help.

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Beth Gaige

Principal - Gaige & Feliccitti, LLC


Brad Garlock

Director of Information Technology - Gastro Health

Latest Public Rooms added

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Sacramento, California USA

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Okatie-Bluffton, South Carolina USA

Clark & Associates, Inc.

Murrells Inlet, South Carolina USA

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MIVNET releases version 4.1 and takes meeting creation and control to new levels.

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The powere of internet marketing does benefit all MIVNET subscribers. MIVNET is excited to announce the upcoming release of version 4.1 of our meeting creator later in the week. In the meantime,

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