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Considering a MIVNET subscription? Attend a "live" virtual meeting now. A Virtual Evaluation and Testing Lounge, A "LIVE" virtual meeting place available for you to explore. Try it with a friend or colleague or, just evaluate MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme experience.


if you already have downloaded the free MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme client. If you do not have the client already installed on your device, download the free client for a robust, full featured, test drive. Once you have the client loaded on your device, join
Meeting ID: "eval1" 


Alternatively, click to attend the "Evaluation and Testing Lounge" without a client using   or  

*WebRTC provides a web based no download experience but features are limited. Pro client is recommended.  IE is not supported. 


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Latest Public Rooms added

Brandwine Valley Inn

Wilmington, Pennsylvania USA

Lake Cook Reporting

Bannockburn, Illinois USA

Combs Reporting a Depospan Partner

Concord, California USA

Satisfied Customers

They really enjoyed using MIVNET Connect©

After researching many VC options, we went with MIVNET over 2 years ago and have been very pleased. The customer support is immediate and exceptional. We have been able to connect multi-point VC internationally from multiple platforms flawlessly.


"Thanks for continually working to make MIVNET the great network that it is."

Kris Liperote

Principal - Spectrum Court Reporting and Legal Video


Dennis Parise

Owner - Parise & Associates


Why choose MIVNET?

Delivering inquiries to owners worldwide since 1994

  • Pay no commissions or broker fees when scheduling facilities in the Marketplace
  • Subscribers create, invite, attend affordable, full featured, private, business class, virtual meetings
  • Exclusive discounts when scheduling MIVNET partner facilities and services
  • Free searchable meeting room locator
  • Targeted marketing and resources. Let us customize a plan for you
  • Drive business with next generation resources offering anywhere anytime business class meetings
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Regardless of the specific views on the current situation, most everybody is excited about the future, and the technology it will bring.

Sales and Videoconferencing: Top 10 Tips for Better Results

Enterprises are often faced with identifying new and cost effective ways to facilitate connectivity and communications across an entire workforce.  That’s why it’s no surprise that online meeting solutions will continue to soar in 2016 as companies drive even more demand for seamless communications throughout decentralized work teams. This includes teams who work across various locations, including multiple locations around the globe.

A Critical Factor to Consider When Evaluating Videoconferencing Solutions for Depositions and Other Critical Applications

The Viewme technology in MIVNET Connect comes standard with 64-bit encryption. This offers significant protection for the streams between users and the MIVNET Connect servers, which are based in protected global datacenters. Higher levels of encryption (e.g. AES 128) and other options are also available for customers that want an even higher level of security.

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