Join or Create a Meeting


Setup multi-party video meetings and depositions with your account scheduler. Choose from room configurations such as roundtable or plenary


A revenue generating B2B and B2C marketing program


Share exhibits, documents, images, and video media


Designed for conference centers & small business



Integrated h.323 gateway, recording, chat and branding


Transform meeting space into marketable real estate.
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They really enjoyed using MIVNET Connect©

The video conference this morning went off without a hitch.

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After researching many VC options, we went with MIVNET over 2 years ago and have been very pleased. The customer support is immediate and exceptional. We have been able to connect multi-point VC internationally from multiple platforms flawlessly.

Brad Garlock

Director of Information Technology - Gastro Health


Kris Liperote

Principal - Spectrum Court Reporting and Legal Video

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