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MIVNET - A Global Directory and community of videoconference service providers and enthusiests. At the crossroad of technology and commerce. A marketing program for business. We Transform meeting space into video colloboration space and provide the marketing tools to sell your services.

The Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET) is a free searchable video meeting room directory that enables you to locate fully equipped meeting spaces all over the world. The MIVNET global directory connects you with business class video conferencing facilities. They’re located worldwide and you can rent them on an hourly or daily basis. For meeting planners, hotels, conference centers, small offices, it is a proven revenue generating B2B and B2C business opportunity.

How It All Started

By founding MIVNET in 1993, Mark Levy wanted to create an alternative to the costly brokering of  meeting rooms. At first, MIVNET was built for court reporting services and later formed the marketing group to support the growing need for video collaboration. Today, after nearly 25 years, MIVNET is a trusted source for one the most explosive business trends on earth.

Back in the early 1990's, video conferencing was used sometimes for legal preceedings, corporate meetings and high profile news events. It was costly. Today, it has become an efficient go to tool for executive recruiters and business owners who realize they can get the same results without spending time and money on meetings by embracing a technology that maximizes resources, minimizes travel and cultivates productivity within your organization. With the advent of the internet and web based collaboration MIVNET makes a unique service available to businesess that thrive on the ability to create high quality interactive video events anytime, anywhere. 

Access State-Of-The-Art Conference Rooms via MIVNET

From five public rooms to state-of-the-art conference rooms all over, MIVNET's™ impressive growth is a smart idea that is well executed and professionally run. The need for a free directory of business class videoconferencing is bigger than ever!

  • MIVNET Guests use the free video conferencing directory to search and schedule public rooms.  
  • MIVNET providers, as members of the MIVNET Alliance Subscription program, receive deluxe room listings in the global MIVNET directory plus access to MIVNET Connect, a next generation hybrid cloud based video collaboration solution.
  • MIVNET subscribers can build virtual meeting rooms to include attendees using PC's, MAC, Android, LINUX and iOS devices in corporate or enterprise h.323 video conference meetings.   

We’re a dynamic company and we strongly believe that:

“Videoconferencing is good for business, good for advertisers and good for the planet.”

For more details about MIVNET, feel free to contact us or pay us a visit in Vero Beach, Florida!

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