New for 2018 exclusively to MIVNET subscribers - Team Collaboration for Business

Part of being in an Agile team is being in close proximity to each other. However, today’s modern knowledge worker is on the move and often remotely located.  Distributed teams benefit from being connected through a single collaboration tool that offers plain voice/video/text communications integrated with access to contextual meetings on the fly.

MIVNET has acquired the prestigious domain

MIVNET today announced the acquisition of the domain

A Critical Factor to Consider When Evaluating Videoconferencing Solutions for Depositions and Other Critical Applications

MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme technology comes standard with 64-bit encryption. This offers significant protection for the streams between users and the MIVNET Connect servers, which are based in protected global datacenters. Higher levels of encryption (e.g. AES 128) and other options are also available for customers that want an even higher level of security.

MIVNET is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.5.1

MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme Release 4.5.1 Highlights

Is Speech Recognition Technology Changing the Litigation Support World?

Regardless of the specific views on the current situation, most everybody is excited about the future, and the technology it will bring.

Sales and Videoconferencing: Top 10 Tips for Better Results

Enterprises are often faced with identifying new and cost effective ways to facilitate connectivity and communications across an entire workforce.  That’s why it’s no surprise that online meeting solutions will continue to soar in 2016 as companies drive even more demand for seamless communications throughout decentralized work teams. This includes teams who work across various locations, including multiple locations around the globe.

How to Change the Display of Your H.323 Video Conference Room System

Did you know you could do this with your videoconference system's remote control? Once you have all videos endpoints in the meeting connected, here’s how to do it:

Paying for videoconferencing features you don’t use?

New technology from MIVNET ensures your money’s not wasted. But, even MIVNET’s free trial offer includes services and features not included in other free services, such as an H.323 connection gateway, a digital video recorder, and more. With an advanced UI, all users are guaranteed the best seat in the room. Video tiles and screen shares can even be detached, enlarged and manipulated in other ways. MIVNET Connect puts you in command of every meeting.

Spotlight on Metro Offices

Metro Offices is a woman-owned company that operates in Northern Virginia. Their Founder Kathlene Buchanan was name the "Top 25 Women-Owned Businesses" by Washington Business Journal. Their innovative designs in workspaces include a working game room, micro offices, wine/conference room and a relaxation room, storage lockers and more.

Welcome Meridian Business Centers

Meridian Business Centers Logo

MIVNET would like to congratulate a long-time partner, Meridian Business Centers on the acquisition of their 15th, video conference public room  location with MIVNET.

Powerful, new communication capabilities added to MIVNET Connect

Since 1994, MIVNET has provided interactive meeting service providers with a forum and marketplace for promotion.

Apple is rolling WebRTC video-chat into Safari iOS, OS X browsers

WebRTC could soon get support for open conferencing standard

How to create a persistent MIVNET Connect IP address for your virtual meeting room.


Create a MIVNET Connect meeting ID for permanent use. Here are the steps.

HD Videoconferencing tips and tricks for attorneys

Submitted by Todd Mobley

Mike Mobley Reporting
312 Walnut Street #1600 | Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone: (513) 381-6944 | Fax: (513) 762-7665
Toll-Free: (800) 894-4327

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Video Depositions Go High Tech with MIVNET Connect

Cloud-based video collaboration solution from MIVNET puts powerful new capabilities into the hands of attorneys

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Network upgrade completed

November 4th, 2015 Vero Beach, FL Today, MIVNET is pleased to announce completion of their upgraded video conference and collaboration service to better support the heavy demand for global interactive video meetings. Applying the Viewme Software Defined Collaboration solution combined with world class datacenter and QoS networking services. A formal press announcment is planned.

MIVNET can customize a virtual meeting room for you

Your meeting customized for your needs. That is what MIVNET is about. Think MIVNET for your next event

MIVNET Connect

MIVNET Business meetings made simple

Try a business meeting on us

MIVNET releases version 4.1 and takes meeting creation and control to new levels.

New features have been added to your collaboration suite. Always work in progress at MIVNET. 

Tap into the power of instant decision making

The powere of internet marketing does benefit all MIVNET subscribers. MIVNET is excited to announce the upcoming release of version 4.1 of our meeting creator later in the week. In the meantime,

MIVNET Connect powered by "Viewme" client is now available for download

Why upgrade to the new MIVNET Connect powered by "Viewme" client? Better performance.

MIVNET increases network capacities as it rolls out new features


Join us and help us shape your collaboration solution. Take advantage of resources that are available to you now.



MIVNET expands the MIVNET Connect Collaboration Network to multiple data centers

With recent updates to “Viewme”, MIVNET can now offer a wide range of customized behaviors for your virtual meetings.  If you tell us how Video Collaboration can be made to work better for your organization, it is likely that there are improvements that can be made for you to try, and eventually make permanent. We want your feedback. We are pleased to report that work is in progress and future upgrades incorporating new features will debut soon.

MIVNET Connect is now powered by eZuce Viewme™ and upgrades are on the way

Your support and use of the MIVNET services is greatly appreciated.  Most people appreciate our advanced capabilities and control of their video conference meeting experience and MIVNET customers always get the ‘Best Seat in the House’.  We’re pleased to announce that it’s getting even better.

MIVNET Connect is now powered by Viewme™

MIVNET Connect is now powered by Viewme (formerly SeeVogh) MIVNET Connect is a completely software based, multi-point, high-definition, hybrid-cloud based, video and web collaboration solution for PCs (Windows, Mac or Linux) and mobile devices (iOS and Android) using the H.264 standard and bridging to H.323 and SIP devices. 

Are you on the Map?

Registering at is a smart move

Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET) offers a next generation cloud-based video collaboration suite combined with a growing global directory of fully-equipped, business-class meeting venues available for rent.

Is this the end of the road for business travel?

One report claims video conferencing could save US and UK firms a total of $19 billion as well as reducing CO2 emissions by 5.5m tonnes. Business ...

MIVNET Meeting Creation update

Learn what is happening at MIVNET based upon your feedback as we improve the user experience. Thank you for your comments,  feedback, and ongoing business. We are grateful that you have chosen MIVNET for your conferencing and collaboration needs.

Video Depositions Go High Tech with MIVNET Connect

Cloud-based video collaboration solution from MIVNET puts powerful new capabilities into the hands of attorneys

MIVNET Subscribers embrace the future of business meetings with MIVNET Connect powered by Seevogh

Learn how MIVNET subscribers are benefitting from cloud based virtual collaboration. Read this Informative case study published by Ezuce.

MIVNET and SeeVogh embrace the future of videoconferencing

“When it comes to business meetings, nothing compares to face-to-face conversations. In the global environment, Internet access is no longer an issue, so live video streaming empowers productive collaborations. This is the next best thing after “real-life” business meeting. Actually, it is the best thing by far, if we consider the time and costs savings. Not to mention it is also sustainable, productive and engaging,” said Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder, MIVNET.

MIVNET Connect® enables remote business meetings

MIVNET Connect®, the latest cloud based collaboration and video conferencing solution tackles the current business travelling concerns and their effect upon businesses. Traveling is no longer a necessity, with MIVNET Connect® an easy-to-use and secure alternative for multi-participant business meetings.

Press Release: MIVNET launches version 4.0 meeting creation portal and global directory

"Wherever you are, wherever they are

MIVNET connects your business"

MIVNET 4.0 launches public launch to be scheduled

Lookup meeting room locations, create a cloud based meeting and more.

MIVNET Connect beta version is now available

New client to make MIVNET Connect powered by Seevogh experiences a snap.  This is a beta version. If you would like to request a demonstration of MIVNET Connect and see how it can help your business, please contact us.

4G Data service provides perfect enviroment for videoconference depositon

Using the Verizon 4G network in the remote rural town of Tavernes, FL where no acceptable terrestrial based broadband connection was available to our client MIVNET Connect was used today to connect all parties in a civil litigation matter.

MIVNET Connect powered by Seevogh now supports Telepresence

MIVNET Connect powered by SeeVogh now supports the TIP protocol and interoperates with Cisco Telepresence rooms.

MIVNET CONNECT has been upgraded to offer conference recording and 3 new room configurations

MIVNET is happy to announce new conference recording functionality has been integrated with your MIVNET Connect service. Simply record the conference to your storage and use the player available at:

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