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Every day, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and business people of all types use the MIVNET directory to find the best videoconferencing facilities for their depositions, webcasts and other types of interactive meetings.


If you have a meeting location you’d like to monetize, then registering it at is a smart move.


For less than $2.00 a day for a prepaid annual subscription register in a targeted searchable public room directory. Get the exposure, visibility and resources that can generate revenue for your meeting rooms. Transform ordinary meeting space into next generation video collaboration suites and advertise them with us.  MIVNET also offers attractive customized plans for large groups and businesses of various sizes.


Our online directory is queried hundreds of times a day. Companies that rent meeting rooms, or law firms searching for a location to remotely depose a witness, use the searchable meeting room directory. Conference centers, hotels, and business centers also stand to benefit from a MIVNET “Promote and Connect” subscription.


Registration also gives you the power to create free, unlimited, cloud-based meetings with MIVNET Connect, an advanced IP-based videoconferencing suite, which can be customized to reflect your branding and marketing.  Many customers feel that the MIVNET Connect platform is superior to others they have used. The user interface is intuitive and offers so much more control than most other services. Many think the MIVNET Connect application works better than Skype for depositions and other types of meetings.


(Subscription pricing) Register as a guest for 30 days.



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