MIVNET's trusted partners across the globe are equipped with intuitive onsite conferencing and technology facilities– all designed to enable you to hold private or open meetings where invitees or anyone can join.

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  • Best Seat in the Meeting: Stream live or recorded HD quality video or audio files directly into a virtual meeting through separate manageable video tiles.  Control what you see and how you see it. Detach video tiles, enlarge and move to secondary monitors with ease.
  • Meeting Privacy: Lock a room to hide the identity of meeting participants from other community members and screen incoming participants through  door-knocking and permission-granting feature.
  • Intigrated Web App Tabs: Brings web based business process or cloud apps directly to meetings. Users can pre-assign browser-based business apps to particular rooms in line with the work they do in that team room. App Tabs ensure that collaboration vibes around business insight.
  • Telephone Voice Integration: Make and take calls in visual meetings, merge calls into existing meetings, and carry calls with you as you hop from meeting to meeting. Also works with standard SIP-based phone systems from any vendor.
  • Interative Whiteboard MIVNET’s white-boarding is tailored to aid idea visualizing and brainstorming sessions, as well as helping to facilitate faster decision-making.
  • Intuitive Instant Messaging with Presense: Grow your private community with always online Private or public chat accessed from any internet-enabled Windows PC, Android, Mac, and iOS devices or browsers.
  • Flexible Meeting Control MIVNET’s full-option online meeting features and media control are designed to give full administrative control. They authorize the presenter to easily monitor or lock meeting rooms among other custom features.
  • H.323 Connecter Gateway with every meeting









Just as in every-day, real-life communication, expressions play very critical roles in business. Studies have, in fact, shown that both facial expressions and body language, have more than 50% effect on how a message is communicated or received.


By offering reliable video conferencing tools for workplace and beyond, MIVNET’s visual online communication and robust services are well-suited to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Our top of the line security and performance features, and rapid-response technical support are all tailored to deliver on demand.


Additionally, with video conferencing fast becoming one of the most preferred and widely sought-after collaboration solutions, MIVNET Connect is dedicated to delivering solutions that significantly reduce communication risks (such as miscommunication and misinterpretation among several others) across a range of industries.


MIVNET can be trusted to deliver outstanding resource, software (via our Marketplace Provider Directory) and hardware solutions that are required to facilitate a seamless video conferencing meeting or deposition both online and onsite.


Register your business with MIVNET and watch your meeting business grow. 


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"We have been a member of this network for years. They never disappoint!"

Kirk McCracken

CEO - Litigation Support Services


MIVNET is an outstanding resource for videoconferencing. The MIVNET team is always willing and available to do what needs to be done to facilitate a smooth experience. Would highly recommend joining this service

Barbara Salvucci

Operations - Virtual Contact / Danella Realty


Setup multi-party video meetings and depositions with your account scheduler. Choose from room configurations such as roundtable or plenary


A revenue generating B2B and B2C marketing program


Share exhibits, documents, images, and video media


Designed for conference centers & small business......



Integrated h.323 gateway, video, phone, recording, chat, screen share..


Transform meeting space into marketable real estate.
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Update your client before your next meeting. MIVNET and eZuce are working diliogently to make your meeting experiences better. Some of the updates associated with the client update are noted below. Your client will automatically update when you attend your next MIVNET meeting.

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MIVNET today announced the acquisition of the domain

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