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What Is MIVNET Connect?

With the new MIVNET "Connect" and the combined knowledge and technology from the eZuce team, we have gained the experience and understanding that the Unified Communications eZuce pioneered large-scale collaboration for research institutions worldwide. Agile development customer and teams need to deliver a collaboration solution that will work for any organization effectively, reliably, securely, and affordably. Your first Virtual Meeting or Webinar is on us.


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MIVNET | User Experience


Marketing, Visibility, Exposure, Virtual Meeting and Webinar Resources

Expose your Meeting Services in the MIVNET Marketplace for extended visibility. By providing a powerful collaboration engine with integrated capabilities, organizations can build true professional online collaboration communities and realize their full potential.

  • Affordable monthly plans from $7.50 per user per month
  • All of a user’s communications needs in one place Video, Phone, Chat, Presence, Web eMail
  • Seamless access to Web Applications Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, Hubspot … any other favorites
  • Allows users to stay engaged during meetings Makes operating on a single monitor easy
  • Camera input can be combined with a desktop presentation to provide a truly unique and engaging audience experience called a Lightboard. 
  • Powerful control over the experience Video tiles pop out of the application and can move to other monitors
  • Any web application can instantly operate within Vibe and be shared with Teammates
  • H.323/SIP-based room system compatible
  • WebRTC enabled. Users can attend meetings with a click securely directly from their web browser
  • Applications such as Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk, Google Suite, Office 365, Box.com, etc. operate within the Vibe interface and can follow users into rooms depending on the context
  • Expensive and out-dated desktop phones obsolete. SIP interoperability for  voice or video communications turns the Vibe client to a user’s softphone

More details on the latest 4.0 update

MIVNET | Features

• Community-wide Collaboration Solution

• Persistent Team Rooms • On-the-fly Video Meetings

• Multi-Community Support • Rich Presence • Persistent Group/Private Chat

• Side-bar Conversations while in Meetings

• Meeting Privacy Management

• VoIP Integration

• Follow-me Apps

• Additional Differentiating Features

• Multiple Camera Support

• Simultaneous Shared Desktops

• Real Control over Video Tiles

• Dynamic Display of Multiple Video Feeds

• Play Video/Audio into Meetings

• Immersive Telepresence

• Webinars

• Act as a Mux for legacy Video Endpoints (SIP & H.323)

• Works with almost every USB Camera or other Cameras / Video inputs with a Frame Grabber



Roundtable or Plenary Create multi-party video meetings. Choose from pre-defined virtual room configurations


Universal Media Player - Our Universal Player allows you to stream HD video directly into a meeting which appears as another camera.


Simultaneous Desktop Sharing - All users in Vibe can share their desktops at the same time. No need to ‘pass the ball’.


A Total UC Solution Community Collaboration is the ability to work within a community of users, move from meeting to meeting easily and stay connected with your teams.



Multiple Cameras - Each person in a meeting can have multiple cameras attached to their computer (or RTP streams routed to) and share them into a meeting simultaneously.


Desktop Streaming - A single Vibe Desktop Client can receive multiple RTP streams and play them into meeting rooms. Grouping of video tiles allows the user to see these as one video wall

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