MIVNET's trusted partners across the globe are equipped with intuitive onsite conferencing and technology facilities– all designed to enable you to hold private or open meetings where invitees or anyone can join.

Why choose MIVNET?

Are you working in an industry disrupted by digital transformation?

  • Private, secure online collaboration community
  • Team platform puts all team members in the same virtual workspace enabling users to discuss issues,
    solve problems and make decisions in real time and from wherever they are working.
  • H.323/SIP-based room system operability
  • Free searchable meeting room locator
  • Customizable control of video tiles
  • Drive business with next generation resources offering anywhere anytime business class meetings








MIVNET is a Managed Service Provider for Ezuce Vibe. Let us build your community. 




Just as in every-day, real-life communication, expressions plays a very critical roles in business. Studies have, in fact, shown that both facial expressions and body language, have more than 50%
effect on how a message is communicated or received.


By delivering reliable video conferencing and collaboration tools and a marketplace for your workplace and beyond, MIVNET’s visual online communication and robust services are well-suited to
meet the ever-changing needs of your business. Our top of the line security and performance features, rapid-response technical support are all tailored to deliver succesfull meetings in the cloud. 


Additionally, with cloud based video conferencing fast becoming one of the most preferred and widely sought-after collaboration solutions, MIVNET Connect is dedicated to delivering private,
secure compliant videoconferencing and collaboration solutions for your most sensetive meetings.  Our focus is Community Collaboration - Ability to work within a community of users, move
from meeting to meeting easily and stay connected with your teams. Managed Service Providers are invited to grow their own private branded communities. Brand your own portal as well as
manage your own users.  We can help.


MIVNET can be trusted to deliver outstanding marketing (via our Marketplace Provider Directory) , cloud based collaboration resources powered by Vibe,  
and support solutions that are needed to facilitate a seamless video conferencing meetings or depositions both online and onsite.


Roundtable or Plenary Create multi-party video meetings. Choose from pre-defined virtual room configurations


Universal Media Player - Our Universal Player allows you to stream HD video directly into a meeting which appears as another camera.


Simultaneous Desktop Sharing - All users in Vibe can share their desktops at the same time. No need to ‘pass the ball’.


A Total UC Solution Community Collaboration is the ability to work within a community of users, move from meeting to meeting easily and stay connected with your teams.



Multiple Cameras - Each person in a meeting can have multiple cameras attached to their computer (or RTP streams routed to) and share them into a meeting simultaneously.


Desktop Streaming - A single Vibe Desktop Client can receive multiple RTP streams and play them into meeting rooms. Grouping of video tiles allows the user to see these as one video wall

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They really enjoyed using MIVNET Connect©

I just want to say to the MIVNET crew how happy I am with your services, connections, and all of the other innovative community building you are doing.

Janette Sarge Blomberg

Director - New Haven Legal Center


I recently used MIVNET Connect for a deposition at my office. The new application helped bridge a gap between our Polycom system and our client's computer. Our clients typically use "Skype" when conducting videoconferencing which is not compatible with

Amanda Higgins

Owner - Higgins & Associates

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Update your client before your next meeting. MIVNET and eZuce are working diligently to make your meeting experiences better. Some of the updates associated with the client update are noted below. Your client will automatically update when you attend your next MIVNET meeting.

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