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Get closer to the people who can make you feel less far away. Private Video calling with desk-sharing from your smartphone or web browser. No contracts or credit card required.  List your business in the MIVNET Meeting Service Provider Marketplace.  Click, Schedule, Connect.



Roundtable or Plenary Create multi-party video meetings. Choose from pre-defined virtual room configurations


Universal Media Player - Our Universal Player allows you to stream HD video directly into a meeting which appears as another camera.


Simultaneous Desktop Sharing - All users in Vibe can share their desktops at the same time. No need to ‘pass the ball’.


A Total UC Solution Community Collaboration is the ability to work within a community of users, move from meeting to meeting easily and stay connected with your teams.



Multiple Cameras - Each person in a meeting can have multiple cameras attached to their computer (or RTP streams routed to) and share them into a meeting simultaneously.


Desktop Streaming - A single Vibe Desktop Client can receive multiple RTP streams and play them into meeting rooms. Grouping of video tiles allows the user to see these as one video wall

Why choose MIVNET?

Marketing, Visibility, Exposure, Resources


Expose your Meeting Services in the MIVNET Marketplace for extended visibility. Full-featured Virtual Cloud meeting platform included. Make any meeting space revenue-generating.  The new Vibe 4.0 desktop client has a completely new look and feel with many new exciting features and enhancements!

  • Private, online video collaboration with security in mind
  • Affordable Ala-Carte meetings when you need them
  • Affordable monthly plans
  • The platform puts team members in the same workspace
  • Discuss issues, solve problems visually, quickly
  • H.323/SIP-based room system compatible
  • Free searchable meeting room/provider locator
  • Customize what and how with our unique UX
  • Add captioning to your meetings

More details on the latest 4.0 update

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Latest Public Rooms added

Datascope Litigation Services Rio Grande Valley

Edinburg, Texas USA

Datascope Litigation Services San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas USA

Clark & Associates, Inc.

Columbia, South Carolina USA


Affordable Ala-Carte virtual meetings


when you need them. MIVNET is a Managed Service Provider for Ezuce Vibe. MIVNET Facilitates the organization of virtual video meetings, private online

disbursed team communities, web conferences, remote depositions, live trial testimony and an array of other custom-configured online training or broadcast environments


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MIVNET can be trusted to deliver outstanding marketing cloud-based collaboration resources powered by Vibe, and support solutions that are needed to facilitate a seamless video conferencing meetings or depositions both online and onsite.


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