MIVNET + Connect combines effective solutions, for live videoconferencing and other video meeting applications bridging communication gaps, removing barriers of distance and time while providing affordable, reliable, effective, business collaboration. That is what MIVNET delivers. We bring people together to share information in dedicated virtual private online meeting rooms or periodIc use virtual space, or for larger organizations, we customize unique online communities enabled with enhanced collaboration features. Affordable, reliable, effective, business collaboration. That is what MIVNET delivers.

Established in 1994, MIVNET solutions are built from the ground up to help business executives, planners, and entrepreneurs share ideas with their teams and grow their business. This explains why we are focused on delivering real-time reliability and superior voice, text, and video communications.

With offices, onsite conference rooms, and trusted partners across the globe, MIVNET delivers a wide range of secure meeting options, file-sharing, video conferencing solutions and a host of other video endpoint services for onsite meeting rooms as well as desktops and mobile platforms.

Our robust global network is fully-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and multiple points of presence all of which are strategically located in different countries and continents of the globe. Our customers rely on the high-performing, secure, and intuitive network solutions that we deliver, and there’s no stopping us!


MIVNET Connect,  designed to help teams of people who are distributed anywhere in the world to work together. Almost any team of individuals who need to interact with each other can benefit from using MIVNET Connect. Ask about it.

MIVNET is today’s enterprise solution guaranteed to meet the demands of high-quality meeting needs while delivering longevity and a substantial return on investment. It’s ease-of-use, central management, and transparent pricing are added features that lower the users’ overhead cost.

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