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Roundtable or Plenary Create multi-party video meetings. Choose from pre-defined virtual room configurations


Universal Media Player - Our Universal Player allows you to stream HD video directly into a meeting which appears as another camera.


Simultaneous Desktop Sharing - All users in Vibe can share their desktops at the same time. No need to ‘pass the ball’.


Powerful Media Player, Converter, Editor. Read more. 


Multiple Cameras - Each person in a meeting can have multiple cameras attached to their computer (or RTP streams routed to) and share them into a meeting simultaneously.


Desktop Streaming - A single Vibe Desktop Client can receive multiple RTP streams and play them into meeting rooms. Grouping of video tiles allows the user to see these as one video wall

MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe® for Mobile

Congratulations! You are about to attend a business meeting straight from your mobile. MIVNET Connect® for Mobile empowers you with unprecedented functionality, flexibility and control. Its universal reach brings the highest quality video streams wherever you are.

No need to create an account or to log in. Join any meeting as a guest
MIVNET Connect is a multi-participant, video collaboration service available to everyone. Attendees are completely anonymous, don’t worry for a second about your privacy or your contact details. You handle your business meetings and we make sure everything runs smoothly.

It's simple to get started!
You can create or attend a meeting within a few taps. For instance, you can attend one by following 3 simple steps: 1. Download and Install MIVNET Connect powered by eZuce-"Vibe" application. 2. Run it. 3. Enter you nickname and the Meeting ID. And that’s it. “Congratulation you are now in the meeting!”

Friendly user interface
Other solutions don’t offer a user interface for every guest. MIVNET Connect® has a one-of-its-kind user interface that creates a separate video “tile” for every participant. Each tile can be detached and viewed “full screen”. You’re totally in control! You are free to manage, arrange and prioritize participants during a video conference session.







Getting connected is easy

The Vibe Application has a different version for each operating system and architecture. Click on the one that corresponds to your machine to download the installer. When the installer package download completes, click on it to start the installation. MIVNET is available to offer remote assiatnce. If you require remote installation assistance, please click this link for remote support and then contact MIVNET to request online assistance




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