What is MIVNET?

MIVNET “Metropolitan Interactive Video Conference Network” publishes an online client managed, intelligent directory exclusively designed to promote the use of business class public room video Conference meeting facilities and video Conference related  sales and support services. Free to the public. The directory is updated in real time 24 hours a day and is sponsored by our subscribers and advertisers.

What is MIVNET Connect?

MIVNET "Connect" is a hybrid-cloud-based, high-definition, multi-point, team video collaboration solution. MIVNET "Connect" allows users to connect to Team Meeting Rooms or Private Meetings. Unlike traditional video conferencing for meetings, MIVNET "Connect" is designed to be an application that users are in all day. It offers a dynamic display of multiple video images, multiple simultaneously shared desktops, an integrated SIP Softphone, and public/private text chat.

MIVNET "Connect" can connect users from the following types of devices:

  • Desktop or Laptop PCs running Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Mobile devices running Android and iOS
  • Computers running a WebRTC enabled Web Browser
  • Video conference room systems running H.323, SIP
  • Phone only users through a dial-in audio bridge

Does it cost anything to use MIVNET to search for facilities or services?

No cost at all. MIVNET is a free service brought to you by our advertisers and sponsors. If advertising or sponsorship is of interest to you or your organization, please review our popular "Programs". If we can customize a plan for your organization, please let us know.

What about MIVNET security? Is it HIPPA Compiant?


Security highlights:

  • All traffic is encrypted for client to control server communications (control traffic / passwords / etc.).
  • Vibe scrambles packets using a proprietary encapsulation mechanism.
  • Vibe can optionally secure control traffic and RTP packet transmission (client to USHI).

SSL is used from API server to USHI server

The USHI server is connected to the API server and gets commands using SSL from API server. Typical commands are start/stop/edit the meeting. The API server is api.ezuce.com.

USHI connection to MonALISA

USHI server is sending MonALISA monitoring information to MonALISA servers which are also in the Viewme Cloud. The main MonALISA servers are ml01.ezuce.com and ml02.ezuce.com.

Information which is sent to the MonALISA main servers includes:

  • USHI activity (# of participants, video and audio channels)
  • meeting activity (# of participants, video and audio channels in each meeting)
  • users activity technical info (OS, java version, connection type, which IP (UDP or TCP) protocol was used, and Port that was used)
  • users activity personal info (nickname, IP address, meeting ID connected to, mac address).
  • Connection quality info is also sent out e.g. packet losses per connection. 

 All this info is stored in our eZuce Viewme database, which is also beyond any partners/service providers control.

Vibe Client Privacy

From a privacy point of view, eZuce does not store any emails, etc. Just the nickname, IP address and mac address of the client who accessed and joined a meeting.

Video and Audio Encryption

  • All data is encapsulated so there are no standard RTP packets traversing the network between Vibe/Viewme client and servers.
  • In meetings SRTP encryption of  Audio and/or Video with Vibe/Viewme client can be optionally enabled (it is not by default). There is no interface or API to set these options however. This is not used frequently. The big drawback when enabled is the additional CPU cycles required by the clients and the servers to encrypt and decrypt everything.
  • WebRTC connections always utilize SRTP, that is mandatory. So packets are encrypted from the client to the WebRTC server and then not encrypted from there, unless the media is set to be SRTP encrypted as explained above.
  • For H.323/SIP, we don't connect in secure TLS/SRTP mode so no encryption is used. RTP from the SIP/H.323 client are not encrypted before reaching the server and then depending of the setting (above) could be encrypted or not.

Who are MIVNET Guests?

MIVNET guests include individuals or businesses that seek logistical information or support for purposes of planning videoconference meetings and events. No registration is required to be our guest.

Can I record a meeting and perform post editing with MIVNET

Yes. MIVNET provides our users with an advanced media recorder and editor converter. Options are recording directly to MP4 or recording to a proprietary "Vibe" format. When recording to MP4 format all video tiles and all audio are recorded in a formatted display. If user selects record to "Vibe" format, a free downloadable media player permits user to remove streams from original recording delivering a final master recording of video tiles that matter the most excluding unimportant participants from the video.  More information is available https://www.mivnet.com/record 


1) Edit your file in order to get only needed streams:

   - start you player

   - start the recording

   - go to Edit Panel. In this panel:

   - start the playing, set up Start Time and End Time. Just drag the bullet on the line at the top left corner to the beginning of the recording, click Start Time, after that drag it to the end of the recording, click on End Time.

   - click on "+" sign in the middle on the right, it will add the piece of the recording between Start Time and End Time at the top half of the screen.

   - After that "Get Streams" button will be active, click on it and select streams you needed.

   - After that click on the Export button at the bottom.


   At this point you will have an Edited file - keep his location handy.


2) After that you need to convert it to mp4,

   - open the Edited file from step 1

   - start recording to make sure that it is the file

   - stop it clicking on the square button under the recording line at the top left

   - click on round thing next to the folder sign. If you will hover mouse over this round thing it will say "Convert to MP4 while playing".

   - click on start ( triangle button - first in the line just below the recording line at the top left corner).

   - wait until it will be done.


   You should get two files - audio only and video+audio as usual in mp4.




Do I need to register to participate to a MIVNET "Connect" meeting?

No. There is no registration required. Enter a meeting number and the name you’d like to use.

When connected to a MIVNET Connect meeting from h.323 device, is there a way to control the display?

There is a way to control the layout if H323 devices support DTMF (and they should usually). To change the layout of a meeting using the MIVNET Connect powered by vibe application from a hardware h.323 device follow the steps below. This should be done when you have all videos endpoints in the meeting connected.  It should work with any H323 device that supports DTMF including Polycom systems. This is, I believe, a function of the H.323 endpoint, and not specific to MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe.


As to why people would want to change display modes, that's a function of being able to have 'focus' applied to the part of the (otherwise unmanageable) Grid Display that is considered most important.


This is a key differentiator with MIVNET Connect powered by vibe.  Traditional systems continue to use decades old 'transcoded' displays to present meeting participants.  This is the grid display.  At the time it was developed bandwidth was limited, and at premium prices, so using as little of it as possible was key. The 'virtual machine' capabilities were also yet-to-be-invented at that time.  With the advent of modern gaming and the underlying graphics capabilities the world of how to display video streams is much wider.


While MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe is designed to work with limited bandwidth and optimize conditions for each participant, the client also delivers advanced functionality to deliver the 'Best Seat In The House experience, such that each user is able to see the parts of the meeting most important to THEM, instead of being forced into the least common denominator experience of traditional systems.


All users on h.323 devices using their h.323 remote controls use the number "2" and number "8" buttons to select a layout and the from their same h.323 system remote use buttons "6" and button "4" to select the video feeds coming from MIVNET Connect powered by vibe to fill the selected layout. Use the * to prefix the commands ie; *2 *8 *5.


In case if needed - button 5 is reset to the defaults.

How can using MIVNET benefit my business?

MIVNET is a free directory that is designed to help you find a convenient business class videoconference equipped meeting rooms and related services, giving you all of the information and details that you need about facilities and prices to help you make an intelligent decision. 

Here is the nice part. MIVNET charges no fees to our guests. The MIVNET service is brought to you and funded by advertisers and sponsors worldwide. MIVNET offers interactive mapping and intelligent search schedule functionality world class marketing, globalization and unification of a worldwide video collaborative meeting location database.

Does MIVNET have a flat cancellation policy across the board with all of its affiliates?

MIVNET does not publish pricing, cancellation or shortfall policies to the public or to MIVNET subscribers. It is the subscribers responsibility to include pricing, cancellation and shortfall information in the room listing information. MIVNET does however publish a rate matrix that subscribers agree to when billing other MIVNET providers for public room rental services. Cancellation and Shortfall policies remain in the control of the advertiser and should be confirmed with customers prior to the acceptance of a room reservation

How Do I Connect to a MIVNET "Connect" meeting?

For a download-free experience, use the WebRTC client at https://www.mivnet.com/attend

For a more dynamic experience, use the PC client available at https://www.mivnet.com/attend

Can anyone create an online meeting at MIVNET?

Yes. Free Trial accounts permit meeting creation with some limitations of features and time however a great way to check us out.

Do I need to install some software to use MIVNET Connect?

The most dynamic experience is with the "Connect" Windows, Linux, or MAC PC client. You can also use the "Connect"  WebRTC client which allows Chrome or Firefox users to join a conference without the need to download a client at all.

Can a subscriber create more than one meeting?

Yes. Huge benefit. Subscriber accounts may create multiple meetings and have them run simultaniously.

How many participants may join a MIVNET Connect meeting?

You can create a meeting using MIVNET Connect for up to 100 however there is a nominal cost for each device that joins above the limits of your account. You must create the seat for the device in the meeting before you invite attendees.

Which operating systems does Vibe support?

  • Desktop or Laptop PCs running Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Mobile devices running Android and iOS
  • Computers running a WebRTC enabled Web Browser
  • Video conference room systems running H.323, SIP
  • Phone only users through a dial-in audio bridge
    Contact support for additional information.

Can I stream a MIVNET Vibe meeting via RTSP?




Streaming offers the means of delivering live content, like Vibe meetings, to a very broad audience with minimal additional cost. Examples of services include YouTube, U-Stream, TwitchTV and others. There are also local network devices such as WOWSA that provide premise based Streaming from your Datacenter. Using this technology results in people being able to watch your content simply by clicking a Web Link that you provide for access.

The protocol used for delivering content for Streaming is Real Time Streaming Protocol ( RTSP ).  Vibe supports this via connections to the RNODE (Vibe software server) associated with your account or service. Any given meeting can be associated with the Streaming service of your choice where you have an account.


In order to connect your meeting to the service the following information must be provided:

  • Streaming service that supports RTSP (YouTube, etc.)

  • Vibe Meeting ID number

  • The Account information for the Streaming service or device you intend to use.

  • The Destination Link (FQDN) for the Streaming service

  • Primary and Backup Server URLs (Backup server is optional, but desirable)

An engineer from eZuce will work with you to configure the connections and test/validate that the service is working. At the time that you Start the meeting and the streaming service a transcoded image of the Video Streams will be sent for your audience to see. (In future there will be a configuration interface allowing you to create these settings directly.)

Description for YouTube

Set up your live stream in YouTube. Select Type Custom on Basic info page. This gives you options to configure your own encoder. Press Create event when done.

On the Camera page setting select the max. resolution you want to stream and as encoder select Other encoders. It will show you recommended settings for the output stream when you hover over question mark.

Note the Stream namePrimary server URL and Backup server URL somewhere. This info is necessary to know where the stream should be sent. The destination address will have this form: Primary server URL/Stream name or Backup server URL/Stream name for backup server. If YouTube loses primary stream, it will switch to backup stream. Backup server is optional.

Start the meeting in Vibe and check in YouTube the stream from Vibe is OK in preview window.

Press Start streaming button when the stream is OK and you want to go public.

Additional Information

You can find Live streaming guide by YouTube at the following link:


Does MIVNET offer a re-seller program?

Yes. MIVNET offers a reseller program for contractual group accounts.

Contact us for additional information.

How do I add a custom background to my Virtual Meeting Room?

If your account feature is enabled This feature will give meeting attendees the impression that the meeting room that they are in is not a generic meeting room set up on a public network. It will appear much more professional and give your clients the VIP effect. Let me explain.

There are three simple steps to upload custom backgrounds to your account for use when you create any virtual meeting room from your MIVNET account portal. This background is what everyone looks at when they join a MIVNET meeting and would replace the default MIVNET background for your specific meeting. Perhaps a Law Firm background with a case name? Your Logo with your branding?

  1. Create a background using your favorite photo editor. Specs are available at https://www.mivnet.com/account/meetings/backgrounds
  2. Upload your background
  3. Wait for review and approval process.
  4. Next time you create a MIVNET Connect meeting, https://www.mivnet.com/account/meetings/create
  5. Be sure to click on the “Modify or Upgrade this Meeting” option.
  6. Scroll down to select your new approved meeting background to apply to this meeting. (If this is a persistent meeting, the same background will appear each time this meeting is re-used unless changed.)




If you need assistance, we are here to help.

Will "Connect" run on my WiFi network?

Yes, however, you should realize that streaming multiple videos to your PC is a bandwidth-intensive application. As your distance from a WiFi Access Point increases your available bandwidth decreases. Additionally, the bandwidth available on a WiFi Access Point is pooled with all other users using that Access Point. Users will see a dramatic increase in quality when they connect their computer with an ethernet cable. Generally meeting quality will start out fine and then degrade over time with WiFi. You can utilize the limited bandwidth video mode to help mitigate this if WiFi is your only option.

How do I call to or from a Zoom room or other cloud provider meeting room?

The following dialing protocol will connect your Zoom room to a MIVNET Connect virtual room.

Dial MIVNET Connect ( IP##MID ) or [ ID ] unique to your meeting available from your MIVNET meeting invitation from your MIVNET Connect invitation.


The following dialing protocol will connect your MIVNET Connect meeting room to a Zoom Room or other meeting provider virtual room via h.323

Select Menu from "Vibe" select "Dial out to h.323" option. Select "H.323" from pull down menu. Enter the following format into the dial string  [ [email protected]] MEETING ID @IP ADDRESS *NO SPACES 



The following dialing protocol will connect your MIVNET Connect Virtual room to a Zoom Connect virtual room.

Open a MIVNET Connect Virtual Meeting Room. Select Menu> Dial Out H.323/SIP. Select H.323

Dial Zoom ( IP##MID ) unique to your meeting available from your Zoom meeting invitation.

How do I add my Telephone Features to MIVNET Meetings?

Adding your Phone to your MIVNET Virtual Meeting Room is easy.


Did you know with VIBE and VOIP telephone systems people can simply call your phone number and you can connect them to your virtual meeting room? You call them, or they call you, and with a click they are ‘in’ the meeting. We call it ‘Phone A Friend’ and it’s very useful to get the people you need into the meeting, so long as they are reachable by phone. There are many instances when it is important that meeting participants attend from a telephone. Maybe a phone is needed and the location does not have a speakerphone? We have the solution.


The first thing you need is MIVNET Connect powered by VIBE.


MIVNET subscribers download Vibe at www.mivnet.com/downloads

  • Request a Vibe registration from [email protected]
  • Log into Vibe instead of joining as a guest, or use the Join Meeting option if you have a MIVNET meeting running.
  • From Menu select “Preferences”
  • Select “SIP”
  • Contact me for your trial SIP account credentials.



Your VIBE client software now has a softphone icon, which appears in appears in the Left Panel.




Making Calls

Now that VIBE is a softphone registered to your system you can make and receive calls in the client at any time. Dial a number and click the phone icon, or click accept when a call comes in.

Phone numbers can be dialed from your keyboard, or the onscreen keypad can be displayed by clicking the Gear icon and choosing that setting.

While you’re in a meeting you can do the same. When the call connects you’ll be put into a sidebar (Aparte) session, where you can the caller have a private conversation. You’ll see several new icons, including this one, which joins the other party to your meeting.


SIP Phone configuration


When the caller is done they can hang up or you can disconnect them.


For additional training on Vibe, please schedule some time with me to share this invaluable information with you and your staff.


Is there support for H.323 and SIP Clients?

Connect supports H.323 and SIP room-based systems. Users with these systems can either dial into a meeting or the participants in the meeting can dial out to H.323 or SIP systems if they know the URI. Our extensive interoperability testing assures you can connect with most of the legacy systems in your community. This makes Connect an excellent and affordable replacement to an existing MCU infrastructure at less than the cost of your annual maintenance contract.

Can I stream a MIVNET Connect Meeting to large audiences of 100's even 1000's or more?

Yes, and we will be happy to help with the setup.  We need you to provide us the MeetingID that will be used, and the desitination link for the Stream as per the instructions below.  You will need an account for Youtube, UStream, Twitch or other service that supports the RTSP protocol.


• Set up your live stream in YouTube. Select Type Custom on Basic info page. It gives you options to configure your own encoder. Press Create event when done.        

• On the Camera page setting select the max. resolution you want to stream and as encoder select Other encoders. It will show you recommended settings of the output stream when you hover over question mark.        

• Note Stream name, Primary server URL and Backup server URL somewhere. This info is necessary to know where the stream should be sent. Destination address has this form: Primary server URL/Stream name or Backup server URL/Stream name for backup server. If YouTube loses primary stream, it will switch to backup stream. Backup server is optional.        

• Start streaming from MIVNET Connect and check in YouTube the stream from MIVNET Connect is OK in preview window.        

• Press Start streaming button when the stream is OK and you want to go public.

Here you can find Live streaming guide by YouTube: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2474026

When I record a meeting using MIVNET Connect, where do I go to download the recording?

There are a few things to know about recording a "MIVNET Connect" powered by Viewme meeting. The most important is that MIVNET or Viewme do not store your video media. Our recorder permits you to set the path for media storage ie; Your Local Drive, Cloud, DVR, or other destination.


The record feature is available in every MIVNET Connect meeting room to the moderator with the key unless the feature is disabled when virtual meeting room is created from within your MIVNET account.


Before you record a meeting you need to know that you will need to download the Viewme Player. This software is required to play back and or convert the recorded Viewme media to any format of your choice for final delivery to your client. When you download the media player you will see that full documentation is also available.


I most cases if you plan to covert media to standard formats a FFMPEG download will be required to your local system. Simply  Download ffmpeg to a designated folder. Unzip the file and when you use the Viewme video converter in "settings" specify path for FFMPEG.


Please call or email if you require assistance.

Customer Support