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Remote and Lightboard Feature

We were exploring some of the Lightboard setups that some universities have been working on ( We had started messing with OBS (Open Broadcast System) a while ago and we were able to stream that content into the Connect client. However, we ran into some performance issues (delay) with this setup. Frankly, it was also very complex to setup and make work. Too much to ask of a typical user...

Our Connect Collaboration Client comes from a product developed at CalTech for distributed research teams. The client has some powerful video capabilities (multiple camera inputs on each PC, all users can desktop share at the same time, hundreds of people in meetings, etc.). 

So, instead of trying to work with OBS we figured out a way to use the desktop sharing component and create a transparent image by using a key color (i.e. like a green screen):

All the user needs to do now is enable the Lightboard option in Deskshare.

When the user is ready to run the Lightboard it’s as easy as turning on Deskshare. 

Deskshare maps out the key color and overlays the remainder of the slide on whichever camera input you would like.

We also flip the local video for the user to make it easy for them to interact with the slide.

If the user has a tablet PC or pen input device, it's easy in PowerPoint to draw live on slides. Then you have nothing to erase like with a traditional piece of glass lightboard.

There you have it...  No expensive Lightboard rooms to setup (or to try to drag users to), Live presentations (no post processing required), use with any application, and Super easy to use! 

Users can also record directly into MP4 and do some post editing / etc. It is up to the user if they want to do it live or not.

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