Presenting in Advanced Mode

What is Plenary Mode

Plenary Mode is designed for conference style meetings where a presenter is sharing their video and desktop with many users who are viewing the presentation. This is an alternative to a Roundtable or Open meeting and allows for one or more Presenters to be seen by the audience members, who are not seen or heard except through activation by the meeting manager. The three options for Plenary Sessions include:

  • Plenary One or more Presenters may be enabled, with Chat open for all Audience members
  • Classroom Plenary, with Chat disabled
  • Broadcast Moderator Only as Presenter, and Raise Hand disabled. Intended for a passive audience.

Creation and Use of Plenary Session Meetings

Creating one of the Plenary modes is done simply by selecting the desired mode from the ‘Kind of Meeting’ drop-down in the booking form. A normal Confirmation Message will be delivered to the meeting creators' email inbox.

Joining the Meeting

Your Community Members - At the scheduled time the meeting will appear in the main Connect screen to be clicked on to enter.

Other Connect Community Members – With the client installed, but not Started, these users can click the link for the Connect Application. The ‘Connect’ file will appear in the system tray. Clicking this file starts the client, prompts them to log in, and takes them directly into the meeting.

The User Experience

The Meeting space is consistent with all aspects of an Open meeting, with one primary change.

The camera and microphone controls are replaced with a ‘Hand’ icon.  All attendees start with the camera and microphone disabled, and they are only activated when that user is promoted to Presenter mode by someone with Moderator rights.

Managing Meetings (Moderator Rights)

Promoting attendees to be a Presenter requires an Account with Moderator rights.

Becoming a Moderator

After entering the meeting using one of the methods above, locate your name in the Participants list. This may require clicking the Right-most icon in the set at the top of the meeting, in order to expose the list.
Clicking your name will offer an option to enter the Moderator Key, and clicking it will display a text entry field. Enter the Moderator Key that was set, or that appears in the confirmation e-mail, and click OK.

Meeting Space Differences

There will be a short pause while the Participants List changes to the Manager Panel

The immediately visible change is in the Participants List, which is now split into three sections; Presenters, Raised Hands, and Audience.

The primary abilities of the Manager include

Promote users from the Audience or the Raised Hands to the Presenter level.
Demote users from the Presenter or Raised Hand levels to the Audience.
Additional controls include Mute Camera, Mute Microphone (of Presenters) and Kickout (any attendee)

To perform these functions requires a Right Click on the name to expose the Menu. You may also click and drag names from one section to another.

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