A reservoir of untapped potential. Vibe 4.02 now available

eZuce Vibe New Features

  • Request (or grant) the Remote Control (RC) of a shared desktop
  • Invite a participant directly from the ongoing meeting room
  • Improve performance of Desktop sharing 
  • Continual ringing sound when requesting an Aparté
  • Possibility for a guest user can change his display name on the fly
  • Simplified branding for Managed Service Providers

Make sure you check out the new Vibe version packed with new features, controls and user experience.

Vibe release is now available. To update your version open Vibe. If you do not have Vibe on your device, download it from

New Lighboard feature to debut in September

The MIVNET powered by Vibe Collaboration Client comes from a product developed at CalTech for distributed research teams. The client has some pretty powerful video capabilities (multiple camera inputs on each PC, all users can desktop share at the same time, hundreds of people in meetings, etc.).

MIVNET Connect powered by eZuce Vibe Desktop Client 3.14 General Availability

Update your client before your next meeting. MIVNET and eZuce are working diligently to make your meeting experiences better. Some of the updates associated with the client update are noted below. Your client will automatically update when you attend your next MIVNET meeting.

Visual Evidence Delivers to the 15th Judicial Circuit

Michael Downey of Visual Evidence in West Palm Beach, FL discusses the possibility of attending hearings and bringing witnesses into trial via videoconferencing technology.

MIVNET is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.5.1

MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme Release 4.5.1 Highlights

Is Speech Recognition Technology Changing the Litigation Support World?

Regardless of the specific views on the current situation, most everybody is excited about the future, and the technology it will bring.

How to Change the Display of Your H.323 Video Conference Room System

Did you know you could do this with your videoconference system's remote control? Once you have all videos endpoints in the meeting connected, here’s how to do it:

How to create a persistent MIVNET Connect IP address for your virtual meeting room.


Create a MIVNET Connect meeting ID for permanent use. Here are the steps.

HD Videoconferencing tips and tricks for attorneys

Submitted by Todd Mobley

Mike Mobley Reporting
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Phone: (513) 381-6944 | Fax: (513) 762-7665
Toll-Free: (800) 894-4327

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Tap into the power of instant decision making

The powere of internet marketing does benefit all MIVNET subscribers. MIVNET is excited to announce the upcoming release of version 4.1 of our meeting creator later in the week. In the meantime,

Are you on the Map?

Registering at is a smart move

Metropolitan Interactive Videoconferencing Network (MIVNET) offers a next generation cloud-based video collaboration suite combined with a growing global directory of fully-equipped, business-class meeting venues available for rent.

Is this the end of the road for business travel?

One report claims video conferencing could save US and UK firms a total of $19 billion as well as reducing CO2 emissions by 5.5m tonnes. Business ...

Video Depositions Go High Tech with MIVNET Connect

Cloud-based video collaboration solution from MIVNET puts powerful new capabilities into the hands of attorneys

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