A Critical Factor to Consider When Evaluating Videoconferencing Solutions for Depositions and Other Critical Applications

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Let’s face it. There are many options for videoconferencing out there. Many of them compete on price. Many of them offer expensive equipment that quickly loses its shelf life. Many of them suck you into long-term lease or subscription contracts by high-commissioned sales people. Many solution providers have lost sight of what’s truly important.


Unlike most traditional videoconferencing products, which continue to rely upon “Brady Bunch” or “Hollywood Squares” conference display formats, MIVNET Connect differentiates itself by deploying advanced features and a “best seat in the house” user interface.


MIVNET Connect is powered by Viewme, which connects PCs running Windows, Mac and Linux to mobile devices running Android and iOS, and video conferencing rooms running H.323, SIP or Cisco’s TIP telepresence. This in itself is actually unremarkable, as it is very much the expected support. However, a host of capabilities allows each person to control their own experience and focus on what’s most important to them.


Features include dynamic display of multiple video images, concurrent desktop sharing, detachable tiles, streaming services, high resolution and zooming for all received video, multiple simultaneous camera support, self healing and self optimizing cloud fabric for uninterrupted/continuously high quality, connections to any bridge, whisper (Aparte?) conferencing, and more.


But, how do competing solutions compare on security?


MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme technology comes standard with 64-bit encryption. This offers significant protection for the streams between users and the MIVNET Connect servers, which are based in protected global datacenters. Higher levels of encryption (e.g. AES 128) and other options are also available for customers that want an even higher level of security.


MIVNET subscribers are able record meetings, which can be saved securely to any local folder. At no time does MIVNET Connect see or have access to this content.


In summary, be sure to consider security as a factor when evaluating videoconferencing solutions for depositions and other critical applications.  Get your meetings going Click for Pricing and Registration


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