AI Real Time Transcription is here

Now see and hear who said what, skim and search for the info you need, polish the transcript - all in one place.  Jump straight to the parts of a conversation you're looking for with keyword search. 

Compare multiple depositions in the same case and cross-reference the specific terms with timeline point accuracy.  

Sensitive content is secure and saved on the AI server for 90 days and then files are deleted on the 91st day. You can always backup your files before the purge.

Only authorized participants have access.  Unlimited Realtime events where transcript is both viewable and playable on any mobile device with internet access.  The cost for this incredible new cloud-based service is free.  Same day interactive transcripts with 100% confidence in the transcribed record because each word is hyperlinked to the original soundtrack, and that means where there are bloopers the audio neutralizes the mistakes!  

Impeaching a witness who is still in the witness box could not be easier.  Both text and audio at your command!

Create groups for purposes of future depositions and add new attendees to the group.  Delete parties who should no longer have access to future events and more.

Ask us about AiSense and Otter, and how we can make it work for you in real time.  This new revolutionary service is absolutely free and available at / Soon, with demand this amazing program will be integrated with MIVNET when you use our services!  You can also download the Otter program for your mobile device at the Apple Store and Google Play, use the search string "Otter Voice Meeting Notes."  Experiment!  

In the opinion of many MIVNET partners, this technology is next generation technology and it will be maturing at a rapid rate.  

Otter should be offered in every courtroom of America.  All you need is a desktop computer with Otter installed with robust Wi-Fi access to the Internet and when the judge, the lawyers and witness are using high-quality gooseneck mics or HQ wireless boom mics like entertainers use on stage, who would not want to have a free interactive transcript in their trial or hearing  

MIVNET is now consulting with partner vendors - if you choose to use them, or be one of them - that can transform an Otter.AI produced interactive rough draft transcripts. Benefits are all parties can share in the production cutting the cost for services.  Your communication is strictly confidential.

Additional AI Sense Otter transcription testing is planned at MIVNET.  Please become a part of it. Get involved.  If you are interested in participating in the trials, learning with us, or simply leading your business into the future, please contact Contact Mark Levy.


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