MIVNET and SeeVogh embrace the future of videoconferencing

MIVNET subscribers are now embracing the future of videoconferencing

Back in 1993, our dream was to facilitate businesses’ global access to affordable and fully equipped video conference facilities. Along the way, we tried to show business owners that they don’t need to use huge amounts from your budget for business travelling as long as MIVNET is around.

Keeping up with the latest tech innovations became our goal, so we had to become more than a gate to browse and book meeting rooms. We had to join the tech era with an innovative solution for our increasingly mobile customers.

Join the tech savvy videoconferencing future with MIVNET

MIVNET empowers its users by offering:

  • An essential global directory of business class video conferencing meeting spaces which can be rented on an hourly base;
  • Access to high quality, multi-party, video collaboration technology;
  • The opportunity to attend business meetings from any location in the world, via personal computers or hand-held devices (smartphones, tablets).

“When it comes to business meetings, nothing compares to face-to-face conversations. In the global environment, Internet access is no longer an issue, so live video streaming empowers productive collaborations. This is the next best thing after “real-life” business meeting. Actually, it is the best thing by far, if we consider the time and costs savings. Not to mention it is also sustainable, productive and engaging,” said Mark Levy, Managing Director and founder, MIVNET.

Embrace HQ mobile video collaboration with SeeVogh

A mobile video communication tool was crucial for MIVNET global subscribers. Many of them are multinationals with subsidiaries throughout the world. The partnership with SeeVogh, a cloud-based video collaboration solution, was exactly what our tech savvy customers needed. SeeVogh suited perfectly our vision and our clients’ needs.

SeeVogh key benefits include:

  • Building customized virtual meeting rooms;
  • Empower attendees who use PC's, MAC, Android, LINUX and iOS devices in corporate or enterprise h.323 video conference meetings;
  • An automated pay-as-you-go H.323 connectivity portal that provides virtual meeting options for non H.323 attendees;
  • Users set up or attend meetings within seconds, by simply downloading and running the application;
  • Cloud-based SeeVogh architecture provides “view” and “share” functions for multiple desktops at once;
  • The user-friendly interface;
  • The mobile and expandable video tiles;
  • The opportunity to share documents and applications during live video presentations;
  • The gatekeeping and the embedded media encryption guarantees in-depth security. No unauthorized third parties can access the online virtual rooms.

Briefly, as Mark Levy himself declared: “We’ve been in the videoconferencing business for more than 2 decades and we’ve witnessed its evolution. SeeVogh helped us lead our subscribers to the future of business meetings, with their anytime anywhere solution. And this is exactly what we stand for, or as we like to say: “Wherever you are, wherever they are MIVNET connects your business!” Real-time global collaboration is no longer a thing of the future, but a reality, thanks to SeeVogh.

Learn more about the benefits of joining MIVNET and using SeeVogh from our recently published case study. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling this form.


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