Don't forget the Telephone

Adding your Phone to your MIVNET Virtual Meeting Room is easy and $2.00 a month through VOIP Street and you get your own unique telelphne number with unlimited calls. Did you know with VIBE and VOIP telephone systems people can simply call your phone number and you can connect them to your virtual meeting room? You call them, or they call you, and with a click they are ‘in’ the meeting. We call it ‘Phone A Friend’ and it’s very useful to get the people you need into the meeting, so long as they are reachable by phone. There are many instances when it is important that meeting participants attend from a telephone. Maybe a phone is needed and the location does not have a speakerphone? We have the solution.


The first thing you need is MIVNET Connect powered by VIBE.


MIVNET subscribers download Vibe at

  • Request a Vibe registration from
  • Log into Vibe instead of joining as a guest, or use the Join Meeting option if you have a MIVNET meeting running.
  • From Menu select “Preferences”
  • Select “SIP”
  • Contact to set up your SIP Telephone number and account credentials.



Your VIBE client software now has a softphone icon, which appears in appears in the Left Panel.


Make and receive telephone calls from Vibe now while in meetings or standalone.

Now that VIBE is a softphone registered to your system you can make and receive calls in the client at any time. Dial a number and click the phone icon, or click accept when a call comes in.

Phone numbers can be dialed from your keyboard, or the onscreen keypad can be displayed by clicking the Gear icon and choosing that setting.

While you’re in a meeting you can do the same. When the call connects you’ll be put into a sidebar (Aparte) session, where you can the caller have a private conversation. You’ll see several new icons, including this one, which joins the other party to your meeting.



When the caller is done they can hang up or you can disconnect them.


For additional training on Vibe, please schedule some time with MIVNET


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