How to create a persistent MIVNET Connect IP address for your virtual meeting room.

You may have never given this much thought but you can create a safe, private, secure meeting place where you can join virtually with all of your colleagues collaborate and share documents all as if you were in the same room? Virtual meetings of this nature allow you to connect with almost anyone using just about any device.

Yes. With little or no investment beyond your computer, smartphone or tablet you can use your MIVNET subscription to host full featured, robust, high definition, business quality videoconference meetings like those you hear about at all of the major corporations with boardrooms costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For those subscribers that make meetings their business, MIVNET publishes a searchable meeting room directory used to promote hourly and daily rental of meeting room venues. With MIVNET’s cloud based video collaboration service you can now transform any meeting room in to a profitable High Definition next generation video collaboration suite utilizing inclusive technology and be included in MIVNET’s public meeting room directory offering maximum visibility and exposure to businesses like yours. Here is how to create a MIVNET footprint for your business and begin meeting in in a secure private cloud now.

*Be sure to check Remember these settings for later use.

Click "Create Meeting"

Great! The next time you need a MIVNET Connect meeting room you will be able to click on:

“Use a previously configured meeting”

The previously configured meeting will contain the same meeting ID and h.323 IP address each time you re-use it. This gives you consistency with your meeting ID’s. You may at any time log into the meeting and modify the meeting attributes including security, moderator key, background, and other behaviors.

Because creating a persistent MIVNET Connect meeting room provides a consistent meeting ID and IP address, the MIVNET directory is a great place to promote your MIVNET virtual meeting room including its IP address. You can add your MIVNET Connect IP address to your MIVNET directory listing.

As always, for assistance at any time, contact MIVNET customer support toll free (800) 464-8638

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