MIVNET Connect is now powered by eZuce Viewme™ and upgrades are on the way

Our technology partner for MIVNET Connect is now “eZuce” and their product, formerly “SeeVogh”, has undergone a name change and technology uplift.  The new name is “Viewme”, and in support of this progress there is a new Client, which is completely compatible with any existing meetings, and can be installed without needing to remove the SeeVogh Client.  We encourage you to install and try it as future enhancements will be on the “MIVNET Connect” powered by “Viewme” client.  (Download at https://viewme.ezuce.com/)

eZuce has also incorporated architecture improvements that MIVNET will take advantage of in the near future.  This means connections will be more ‘local’, resulting in improvements in overall performance and connection reliability.  While this will be transparent to you, MIVNET continues to work hard at investing in and enhancing our services.

We are building in additional redundancy and QOS. MIVNET is currently upgrading our server network adding instances of MIVNET Connect in new data centers in the US and Canada with an anticipated presence soon in Europe and the Middle East. These server upgrades will increase our capacities and performance and with the new “Viewme” client you can control what server MIVNET Connect data center your connection will route to. If network issues arise, you can change your route dynamically during the call.

Finally, (for now) a new type of MIVNET meeting will soon be available to you.  Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMR’S) are ‘always on’, allowing you, your colleagues and customers to meet anytime, without creating or booking a new meeting room each time.  And the meeting information remains the same, and can even be accessed with a friendly style of ‘alias’ instead of a set of numbers that we have used in the past. These “alias” addresses can be customized to your corporate identity. So your MIVNET Connect VMR could be addressed “Your Company VMR1” Please contact us if this personalized corporate meeting type better suits your needs.

There’s more coming, and we’re excited to share it with you.  Thanks again for your loyalty and I look forward to sharing more updates with you in the near future.

Customer Support