MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe 3.13 General Availability


MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe 3.13 General Availability



This communication is an update from MIVNET to inform you that you will need to update your Vibe client before your next scheduled online video meeting.


MIVNET is pleased to announce the General Availability of Vibe 3.13 Desktop Client. MIVNET Powered by Vibe leads the way for Agile Teams with a video-first and people-centric collaboration experience that gets your teams working together, no matter how far apart they are. A reliable portal for your most sensitive communication.


Vibe Web Launch which will now make it easier for users to launch the desktop client from personalized custom web links. https://bit.ly/2DTW1Pk


There are also improvements for customers who use H.323 devices. The improvements include a Welcome landing page and the ability to enter DTMF tones on H.323 dial-out. The Welcome landing page will allow users to enter a meeting number upon dialing the system.


I have provided a link to a MIVNET powered by Vibe meeting that you can use to update your version of Vibe quickly. Simply click the link open the file and Vibe will automatically update to the current version 3.13.


Use for update: Live Meeting Link: https://bit.ly/2BHnqnD or create your own meeting.


If you do not already have Vibe installed on your device, you can always Download here


Vibe New Features

  • Vibe Web Launch has Desktop Client application detection and automatic download when joining a meeting from a web page.
  • H.323 Welcome landing page for legacy H.323 devices
  • DTMF while making H.323 outbound call

Vibe Fixes

  • Fix crash when 4K mp4 video is opened by Media player.
  • Fix Paste function for DTMF
  • Fix Raise Hand bug for plenary video meetings
  • Fix Outbound Dialer issues
  • Fix messaging when trying to join future meeting
  • Fix messaging when Aparte timeout



We are working towards adding the ability to record video meetings directly to MP4 so you can play back your recordings in almost any video player without conversion.

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