MIVNET Connect powered by "Viewme" client is now available for download


In an ongoing effort to keep our subscribers and customers informed about the network upgrades and application development we are pleased to let you know that the new MIVNET Connect powered by “Viewme” Client download is now available at https://www.mivnet.com/downloads

You can continue to host and attend meetings using the older MIVNET Connect powered by “Seevogh” application although it is recommended that you migrate to the new “Viewme” application.  Migrating will bring you benefits from new networking architecture that can greatly improve your collaboration experience. Now with multiple servers in multiple data centers your MIVNET Connect powered by “Viewme” connection will be routed via your closest MIVNET Connect point of presence.

Once you have the new MIVNET Connect powered by “Viewme” installed on your device, please let us know how we can design and customize a MIVNET Connect virtual meeting room for you.

You will be impressed with what we are doing to bring you an even more advanced collaboration solution. Some of the new features we are introducing are:

  • Permanent Virtual Meeting Rooms (Always There Always On when your demands require)

  • Persistent Virtual Meeting Rooms (Recycle Meeting Rooms Alias’s) pay for what you use when you use it.

  • Create Room Alias’s (your room, your company your room name. No more long Meeting ID numbers) to join users simply enter your meeting room alias.

  • Increased Meeting Capacities

  • Multiple meeting room types (roundtable, plenary sessions)

  • Streaming gateway (stream your sessions via public or private providers)

  • Customized Backgrounds (Create your own meeting room identity with your customized corporate background)

For a personal demonstration or assistance with MIVNET Connect, please contact us.



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