MIVNET Connect powered by eZuce Vibe Desktop Client 3.14 General Availability

MIVNET Connect powered by eZuce is pleased to announce the General Availability of Vibe 3.14 Desktop Client. eZuce leads the way for Agile Teams with a video-first and community-based collaboration experience, unlike simple video meeting products. We’ll help your teams work together, no matter how far apart they are. MIVNET is pleased to make this service available to our subscribers.


The new desktop client has many new features and enhancements. The development teams have been working hard to ensure that eZuce Vibe delivers the features needed to empower your distributed workforce.

Vibe New Features

Uniteme Integration - For eZuce customers who also utilize eZuce Uniteme, all of the users will be able to their Uniteme userid and password. Uniteme Single Sign-On (SSO) will automatically populate the user’s SIP extension, SIP server, and SIP password.  Additionally, a Uniteme button will be visible under the dialing box (see below). Clicking on the new Uniteme button will open an AppTab displaying the user’s Uniteme user portal. This makes it easy for the user to access voicemail, see their call history, manage their audio conference bridge and set their user preferences. Effectively, this turns Vibe into the user’s softphone and makes Vibe the ultimate communications tool for your users.





Asian Fonts - We’ve added Asian fonts to the Vibe client for some of our International users.



SSO Enhancements -  Last release, we added Uniteme authentication. With this release, we’ve added InCommon Federation (Shibboleth), SAML, OAuth and others.



Local Camera Flip - In addition to being able to rotate the sent camera image, we’ve added an option in the camera settings to flip the local video. This is for the local viewer only and does not transmit reversed.




Smaller Ethernet Packet MTU Size - Vibe client was sending with packet sizes up to 1450. Some network equipment will not properly pass these packets properly thus causing video problems. We’ve reduced the size of packets to work around these network issues.


New mp4 Meeting Recorder - The Vibe client will now, by default, record meetings in real time in .mp4 video file format. A separate audio-only recording can be enabled.  Also, the traditional proprietary Vibe video format recording can be selected too. See Preferences -> Recording for the new settings.





Local Alert on Missed Aparte or Meeting Invite - Users will now get a notification that they have missed a meeting invitation or requested Aparte session. If you miss a meeting, you’ll see a new chat tab from that user and there will be a message similar to the following in there:


Protocol Selection for Vibe Server Connection - The Vibe client will typically automatically select the best port and protocol to connect to the server with. In the About page the user can now force whether the client uses TCP or UDP for the connection. Users may get different video performance results using different TCP vs. UDP.



Chat Tab Enhancement - When a new instant message arrives, the Tab that has the new message now will flash, have a more vibrant color and the text will be in white. This was done to make it more noticeable when a new message arrives.


Added a Join to Meeting Info - After creating a new meeting, the meeting info dialog box is shown. To Join the meeting immediately, just click on the Join button.


4K Video and Stereo Sound - We’ve added the ability to stream 4K video into a vibe client as well as use stereo sound. This can be done utilizing FFMPEG and the streaming feature of the client.

Vibe Fixes

Pop-up Window Fix - Windows that are popped up by Vibe could accidentally be hidden under the application window leading to user confusion. This has been addressed.


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