MIVNET is pleased to announce the release of eZuce Viewme 4.5.1

MIVNET Connect powered by eZuce Viewme New Features:


  • Conference Room Mode – With ‘disable play file’ and ‘always full screen’
    For viewme users who would like to setup room systems that must stay in the viewme client application
  • Disable Screen-Saver when in meeting option
    This new option in Menu -> Preferences disables the computer’s screen saver when viewme is running and in a meeting.
  • New recorder interface
    Cleaned up the meeting recording settings.
  • Editable keyboard shortcuts
    Keyboard shortcuts can now be created for almost all viewme client operations. See Menu -> Preferences and then ‘Keyboard shortcuts’ button.
  • HDMI “Desk Share” using Black Magic video capture device
    If you have a Black Magic video capture device on your client, you can now utilize the HDMI input as a video input device during a meeting.
  • The PCI express Black Magic card grabber can be activated from deskshare, and not from the webcam page.


eZuce Viewme Fixes:


  • Fix which limits the maximum initial size of a detached window to not overflow screen resolution.
  • Fix for Linux workstations that causes them to sometimes displays black H.263+ video from mobile clients.
  • Fix for detached video windows on Macs where viewme client is not displaying all content for some extreme display aspect ratios.issue when using Virtual Desktop and wrong desktop is shared
  • Video on Macs is not rendered (frozen) in detached windows when the main viewme window is minimized.
  • Fixed crash when PC user account name contains special (SK, CZ, …) language characters.
  • Fix for DeskShare not grabbing/sending pictures on Mac os/X 10.11 when application is in Full-Screen mode.


More information is available in the software release notes


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