MIVNET releases version 4.1 and takes meeting creation and control to new levels.

Change Summary

  • Visual updates:
    • Changed the homepage buttons to make the connect feature more prominent
    • Reorganized the menu to introduce an instant “create a meeting” option with limited trial account.
  • Billing Plans:
    • All new registration billing plans have changed
    • The system has been updated to support fixed pricing for meeting upgrades and extended leases. Now extend your meeting room by 24 hours affordably, 1 week or 1 month for extreme value. Re-use previously configured rooms and instantly re-activate previously configured meeting rooms. Let us show you how that benefits you to be able to brand for your clients.
    • Changed Silver plan to be only a “MIVNET Connect Basic Plan” to accommodate the requests for just the connect service by companies who do not wish to promote in the directory.
    • Customers can now add sub users to their accounts under the following limits:
      • Location limits. Example: if a customer has a limit of 5 room listings on their account they can only add 5 sub users at no cost. Additional sub users may be added for monthly fee.
      • for MIVNET connect only plans, sub users are only available as an upgrade.


    • Creating Meetings:
      • The form has now only 4 fields or 2 if you start the meeting immediately. The meeting is automatically generated at the maximum limits of your account. No more need to add hours and seats unless your meeting will exceed your account limits.
  1. Meeting Name
  2. Meeting Alias
  3. Start Date
  4. Start Time


      • Moderator Key is now optional and will be pre-filled if you do not create one and editable from the meeting edit console.
      • Passcode *Optional


  • Once a meeting is created you will now have the power to change, upgrade, extend and alter the behavior of the meeting while the meeting is in queue or while meeting is in progress. So, if the meeting is scheduled or in progress and you want to add seats or time, change the alias, increase bandwidth, change passcode or moderator key or even background you may do so.

Some other things have changed too.

  • Upgrades:
    • The system is now able to add structured pro-rated upgrades. For example: We have a meeting that started 4 hours ago and has 2 more to go:
        • If the customer would like to add phone dial in at that point an upgrade is created for the remaining two hours.
        • If the customer extends the meeting ( buys or uses additional included hours ) a new phone upgrade will be added according the difference
        • If the customer will upgrade the meeting with one more seat the system will create an upgrade for that seat X remaining hours.
        • Basically the system has changed to cover most of the needs a customer may have.
        • The upgrade system has become more intelligent to properly offer refunds to customers based on the actual resources they have used. The MIVNET Connect system will calculate properly the amount of the upgrades consumed and based exactly on what and when was bought.


  • Backgrounds
        • The new tab is available under “My Account” to customers who have this option available on their plan.
        • Once user has upload a background they must wait for admin approval. Usually within moments.
        • Once approved, user can use the background for any of their meetings.
        • Each user account will now have a virtual meeting room background library for quick recall of client’s backgrounds when meeting requirements demand.
        • If you would like to add your corporate background to your virtual meeting rooms, please contact MIVNET to activate that feature on your account. The graphic requirements are 1600 X 840 Pixel JPG, GIF, or PNG < 2.0 Mbps.
          See sample branded rooms:

Spectrum Background  Media Stage Background



  • Web RTC:

Web RTC stands for (real time communication) via the internet and is currently being developed. Web RTC is not available on all internet browsers. WebRTC can help when a user can not connect to a MIVNET Connect meeting as a result of local area network, device or firewall restrictions. As an alternative, user can download most recent version of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and join a MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme meeting directly from their web browser. The link to join any MIVNET Connect powered by Viewme meeting via a web browser is available on your meeting MIVNET Connect meeting invitation.


If you have questions or if you require assistance with your account, please call or contact MIVNET.

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