Network upgrade completed

November 4th, 2015 Vero Beach, FL Today, MIVNET is pleased to announce completion of their upgraded video conference and collaboration service to better support the heavy demand for global interactive video meetings. Applying the Viewme Software Defined Collaboration solution combined with world class datacenter and QoS networking services. A formal press announcment is planned.


Applying the Viewme Software Defined Collaboration solution combined with world class datacenter and QoS networking services now results in expanded coverage, higher performance and a Best Seat in the House experience for everyone attending video meetings, depositions or other visual interactive proceedings via the MIVNET Connect collaboration suite.


MIVNET has partnered with eZuce for the Viewme (formerly SeeVogh) service since November 2011 and continues to deliver its customers with the latest advancements in next generation cloud based video conferencing technology. Through this evolving relationship MIVNET was able to first expand access by adding a second datacenter with plans for additional datacenters worldwide. "Increasing and improving access was simple and almost unbelievably fast using the Viewme Software Defined Collaboration Solution." reports Mark Levy, managing director at MIVNET. "Once supplied with the server information eZuce personnel managed the installation and linked the servers together within a business day. MIVNET customers began instantly connecting seamlessly, with no change in software or configuration to their devices or systems."


As demand for distributed meetings increased MIVNET was made aware of the traffic and performance bottlenecks prevalent on the public Internet. The decision to move to the new network infrastructure was predicated on three factors: Numerous Datacenter locations around the world. The industry’s most advanced network within a network architecture which integrates public, private and internal management networks and highest performing cloud infrastructure available at competitive prices with server access being available within just a couple business days." Continued Levy. "These two companies, working together collaborated to engineer the systems, including optimizing hardware and OS configurations, automated deployment of multi-data center clusters, and integrated monitoring and support. eZuce and data center engineers tested and validated it, and ‘turned up service’ without any disruption or delays to MIVNET customers."


Our new network will allow organizations to start using MIVNET Connect reliably and conveniently. The flexible pay-as-you-go service simplifies the creation of online video collaboration. Customers can swiftly deploy highly scalable virtual meeting rooms securely using the MIVNET portal. 24 hour support is available (800) 4-MIVNET or


MIVNET Connect is now well positioned for expansion, both in capacity and coverage. The rapid process of adding Viewme servers in new datacenters to increase the Software Defined Collaboration footprint allowing MIVNET to be agile and address a rapidly expanding customer base. Combining


  • A popular searchable directory recognized worldwide *video conference equipped business class conference rooms available for hourly and daily rental

  • Next generation ‘meet anywhere’ BYOD software capabilities


ensures that the legal, business and medical communities can rely on MIVNET to deliver the most affordable, reliable and ‘in-person’ communication resources to meet their needs.


MIVNET accounts receive access to unlimited free meetings. Connect from any device, anytime from anywhere. Scalable pay as you go virtual meeting rooms can be customized for 2 participants to many. Corporate branding is available too. Standard videoconference mode or present to larger audiences with selective interaction utilizing our plenary room configuration option. All MIVNET advertisers receive complimentary access to the MIVNET Connect collaboration suite. Visit to learn more or to arrange for a complimentary evaluation.


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