New Enhanced Video Capabilities for MIVNET Connect powered by Vibe

vibe svc supported codecThere’s a new codec for the Vibe team collaboration solution and it’s called H.264 SVC. SVC stands for Scalable Video Coding and it’s the name of an extension to the H.264 standard. SVC sets in place a standard for encoding a high-quality video stream that also contains one or more subsets of the main video stream.

These subset of the primary high-quality stream can be lower resolution, lower frame rates or a lower quality video stream. This additional transmission can benefit devices that don’t have the same processing power as a desktop (like a cell phone or tablet). Create your MIVNET account today and host group meetings online.

An additional benefit to Vibe users will be H.264 SVC’s greatly enhanced video operation over poor / lossy networks such as WiFi. Vibe users should notice less pixelation of video streams from users on less than ideal network connections.

MIVNET is now bringing private collaboration to your business community. Ask about your own private video collaboration community.  Contact us for details.





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