Paying for videoconferencing features you don’t use?

Refund PolicyBelieve it or not, many people are paying for videoconferencing features they don’t use. Must be nice to have cash to burn! However, companies that manage their cash and resources smartly have a definite advantage over the competition.


Did you know that, when you schedule a cloud-based video meeting at MIVNET, you only pay for the features and time that you actually use?


At MIVNET, customers never overpay for conference time in their cloud. Businesses can start out with a free subscription. There’s no other service like it! Additional devices and participants can be added and optional features can be purchased as upgrades, so customers only pay for what they use.


MIVNET offers true “pay-as-you-go” service, which includes new technology that helps businesses to manage their videoconferencing expenditures. The company’s refund module measures actual usage and determines the exact pro-rated fee to be charged for any special features and other meeting upgrades.


For example, if you paid $15 for a 24-hour upgrade, but only use 12 hours, then you would receive a $7.50 refund when you stop or cancel the meeting from your MIVNET Connect control panel.


Sample screenshot

Refund Screenshot


But, even MIVNET’s free trial offer includes services and features not included in other free services, such as an H.323 connection gateway, a digital video recorder, and more. With an advanced UI, all users are guaranteed the best seat in the room. Video tiles and screen shares can even be detached, enlarged and manipulated in other ways. MIVNET Connect puts you in command of every meeting.


Of course, compared to rates on a paid subscription, rates for additional seating or devices on MIVNET’s free plan are a bit higher, and trial accounts do not include the advertising of your location in the directory. However, MIVNET Connect is the only automated cloud-based meeting service that offers so many free business-class features on this kind of road map or business model.


Does your organization have special needs or requirements for virtual meeting rooms or advertising? MIVNET can customize an account for your business. You can read more about the prices and features included in popular MIVNET programs at


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