Sales and Videoconferencing: Top 10 Tips for Better Results

Woman Video conferencing with Colleagues


We don’t always have the ability to do sales meetings in person. So think of your videoconference as if your attendees/guests are actually in your office. Seeing each other in person, in real time, can foster genuine communication that’s far superior to email or phone calls.


Years of experience have shown, “the good, the bad and the ugly” of videoconferencing. This is a powerful opportunity to make a good first impression, so prepare for a successful videoconferencing meeting with our Top 10 Tips:


  1. Prepare your presentation - Have in mind exactly what you want to convey, what commitments you want from them, and be prepared for questions.
  2. Clean up your surroundings - Don’t have anything between you and the camera that says you’re messy or disorganized. Consider the visual message you’re sending.
  3. Check your background - Think about what they see behind your head and keep it clean and uncluttered. If you have a sunny window directly behind you, close the blinds.
  4. Check your camera angle - Put the camera directly in front of you and on top of your screen. Ideally the lens of the camera should be just above eye level.
  5. Check the distance - Don’t sit too close to the camera or your head may appear much too large. Look at the camera when you speak.
  6. Dress for success and prepare - You’re “on camera,” so be sure to dress appropriately. Have some water handy. Keep a smile on your face and sit up straight.
  7. Welcome everyone talk about something neutral first - Give them time to adjust to you and how you speak. Keep things friendly and don’t talk too fast.
  8. Allow everyone to speak - Be sure to give everyone ample opportunity to respond and ask questions and let them know ahead of time if you will address the questions during the presentation or after your presentation.
  9. Ending the meeting - Smile and say thanks. Look at the camera and make eye contact. Be sure to thank them for attending the meeting. Your smile should be the last thing they will remember.
  10. Follow up - Soon after the meeting, send a thank you email and politely summarize the action items.


Top 10 tips for better video meetings



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