MIVNET Connect is now powered by Viewme™

MIVNET Connect offers the following benefits to Enterprise, Organizations and Channel Partners alike:

  • Small to very large scale multi-party video and web collaboration.
  • Installed in our secured data center, in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • Download MIVNET Connect for free and conduct your next deposition from the road.
  • High quality video – accommodating DSL or better Internet connections and providing up to 1080P quality.
  • Multiple 3D video titles – flexible screen layout to meet your needs.
  • Multi-tenant web portal - system administrators can perform all the function you would expect including manage users, track and report on usage and manage your virtual instance of MIVNET Connect.
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Our Hybrid Cloud Deployment - Running in our data environment
Running videoconferences close to the users minimizes service provider network costs and reduces user latency. This nimble hybrid cloud approach also provides a backstop should you run out of capacity. Viewme has the ability to burst spikes in demand onto our cloud to help you through the tough spots. Additionally, our Unlimited Self-Hosted Instance (USHI) permits you to deploy on global clouds so you can move your USHI to follow the sun, allowing you to allocate the resource to the most active areas of the planet. This enables a cost-effective deployment as a shared, managed resource for your entire community, with the performance and cost savings of a local resource.


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