Recording a Meeting

Record a Meetings with Vibe directly to MP4 format or to a "Vibe" format that permits easy editing and later conversion to MP4.


To record a Vibe meeting, you'll need to use the desktop version of the Vibe Client and be a moderator in a meeting.  You become a moderator by entering the Moderator PIN or someone with moderator privileges can promote you to moderator. The Vibe mobile client does not support recording.


Configure your Recording parameters.

1.) Path for media to record

2.) Type of recording


Select Menu preferences> Recording

Select Menu


1.) Designate your recording path.

2.) Check box if audio only recording is needed.

3.) Select Recording format. For immediate delivery of video with all participants and streams select MP4

To permit post production such as removal of streams and editing, select Vibe Player format.


Record meeting Step 2


If  MP4 format is not selected the following client is need to view, edit and convert recorded media.

Current Version



Selct menu

Click Record the meeting.

Select Menu

Current Version
If meeting is not recorded in MP4 format the following client is need to view, edit and convert recorded media.

1) Edit your file in order to get only needed streams:

   - start you player

   - start the recording

   - go to Edit Panel. In this panel:

   - start the playing, set up Start Time and End Time. Just drag the bullet on the line at the top left corner to the beginning of the recording, click Start Time, after that drag it to the end of the recording, click on End Time.

   - click on "+" sign in the middle on the right, it will add the piece of the recording between Start Time and End Time at the top half of the screen.

   - After that "Get Streams" button will be active, click on it and select streams you needed.

   - After that click on the Export button at the bottom.


   At this point you will have an Edited file - keep his location handy.


2) After that you need to convert it to mp4,

   - open the Edited file from step 1

   - start recording to make sure that it is the file

   - stop it clicking on the square button under the recording line at the top left

   - click on round thing next to the folder sign. If you will hover mouse over this round thing it will say "Convert to MP4 while playing".

   - click on start ( triangle button - first in the line just below the recording line at the top left corner).

   - wait until it will be done.


   You should get two files - audio only and video+audio as usual in mp4.


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