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Designed for large or small physical or virtual video meetings, conferences, screen share training, webinars and moderator controlled Town Halls and Classrooms

Promote your facilities and production and streaming services in the MIVNET Marketplace. Create your own private on Demand virtual meeting space for Depositions, Business Meetings, Virtual Meetings, 

Real Estate Closings and Medical Professionals for Chronic Care treatments and consultations.


Registration is smart and affordable. Your use case may be unique. Contact MIVNET and see how we can help. Rent our advertisers virtual meeting rooms  by the hour, day, month, case, project, committee, or any

other interactive meetings need.


Benefits from joining the MIVNET Interactive Video Collaboration Network include: 


  • MIVNET Marketplace Exposure of your product or service
  • MIVNET Marketplace Visibility of your product or service
  • MIVNET Marketplace B2B pricing 
  • Additional sales revenues generated in the MIVNET Marketplace
  • Full-featured private, secure, Cloud-Based Unified Virtual Video Collaboration Suite for meetings training, webinars
  • Optional Private always-on platform for your team
  • Affordable full-featured pricing plans
  • No long term contracts or commitments 




For additional assistance with registration or to request a demo, please contact or call (800) 464-8638 


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