Team Collaboration for Business




eZuce pioneered large-scale collaboration for research institutions worldwide. We’ve combined the knowledge and technology from that work with the experience gained by understanding the Unified Communications needs of our customers’ Agile development teams to deliver a collaboration solution that will work for your organization’s communities.

By changing the way distributed teams work together, Vibe can help organizations rapidly address active opportunities, resolve customer issues, make important product decisions and hold daily scrum meetings. Breaking down barriers imposed by distance is what your communications tools should do. eMail and chat applications tend to create distance and foster misunderstanding. Being in the same 'place' and interacting with interpersonal communications skills allows work to get done.

The Vibe team platform puts all team members in the same virtual workspace enabling users to discuss issues, solve problems and make decisions in real time and from wherever they are working. In addition to H.323/SIP-based room system operability, customizable control of video tiles, guest access via WebRTC, and concurrent desktop sharing, Vibe differentiates through patent-pending features such as:




  • H.323/SIP based room system interoperability Connect seamlessly between your PC, MAC mobile device and enterprise or legacy IP based h.323 videoconference hardware 
  • INTUITIVE INSTANT MESSAGING Private or public chat seamlessly on MIVNET robust IM services which can be easily accessed from any internet-enabled Windows PC, Android, Mac, and iOS devices or browsers.
  • SECURE FILE & SCREEN SHARING Fully encrypted end-to-end instant screen & file sharing. Guaranteed to keep the entire team updated and aligned on every project – in real time!
  • HD VIDEO & AUDIO Ultra-High Definition video with crystal-clear audio features. Designed to support face-to-face business collaboration and video conferencing in real time.
  • FLEXIBLE MEETING CONTROL MIVNET’s full-option online meeting features and media control are designed to give full administrative control. They authorize the presenter to easily monitor or lock meeting rooms among other custom features.
  • ROBUST VIDEO WEBINAR AND CONFERENCING TOOL Our robust and super-intuitive presentation tools, slideshow features, whiteboards, audio-and-video adaptive features are all designed to meet your custom needs.
  • INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD MIVNET’s white-boarding is tailored to aid idea visualizing and brainstorming sessions, as well as help in facilitating faster decision-making.
  • RECORD YOUR MEETINGS Inegrated video recorder for capturing important meetings for archive

Vibe differentiates via several patent-pending capabilities such as:


phone integration


Voice Integration: Make and take calls in visual meetings, merge calls into existing meetings, and carry calls with you as you hop from meeting to meeting. Also works with standard SIP-based phone systems from any vendor.

App Tabs

App Tabs: Brings web based business process apps to meetings. Users can pre-assign browser-based business apps to particular rooms in line with the work they do in that team room. App Tabs ensure that collaboration vibes around business insight.

meeting privacy


Meeting Privacy: Lock a room to hide the identity of meeting participants from other community members and screen incoming participants through  door-knocking and permission-granting feature.

media player


Universal Multimedia Player: Stream HD quality video or audio files directly into a meeting through separate video tile. Produces much better quality and higher resolution images compared to desktop sharing.



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